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((/\(((3EM))/\))) - Samuel Hertz

Test Recording:

Scrap metal, old IBM parts and 21st century programming.

Excerpt from performance at Opera Cabal’s Hyde Park Salon Series.

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'Ex-Positive Response' for Voice and Electronics

'Ex-Positive Response' for Voice and Electronics by Samuel Hertz

A setting of 4 e.e. cummings poems.  Voice//Electronics


"The sky…"


"N(o)w how the…"



Cornelius Cardew’s ‘Treatise’

'Treatise' (Comp. Cornelius Cardew, Arr. New Music Ensemble) by Samuel Hertz

Beloit College’s New Music Ensemble performing selections from Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score, ‘Treatise.’ 

Sam Hertz: Prepared Piano, Amplified Double Bass + Electronics, Oscillators

Hanna Brown: Amplified Cello, Voice

Kate Hermanns: Percussion

Tyler McGaughey: Organ

Shane Donnelly: Electronics

Jack Katze: Electronics

Live Performance 9.22.10 C-HAUS (Pt. 2 of 3)

Live Performance 9.22.10 C-HAUS (Pt. 2 of 3) by Samuel Hertz

Sounds produced using the Tom Nunn-built T-Rodimba, an electro-acoustic percussion instrument filtered through electronics.

Read about Tom Nunn (Bay-Area experimental instrument designer) here: http://www.edgetonerecords.com/nunn.html

Listen to the recording of an ensemble featuring six of Tom Nunn’s instruments— made up of myself as well as Ed Hermann, Jason Adasiewicz and Adam Vida. Recorded Dec. 4th, 2010 @ Experimental Sound Studio- Chicago, IL: http://spacetimesessions.blogspot.com/2010/12/ed-hermann-percussion-performance.html

Sonata I (The Unencumbered Sonatas)

Sonata I (The Unencumbered Sonatas) by Samuel Hertz

The last of the Inner Cartography Pieces.  Also, conveniently doubling as the first in a cycle of solo-piano works entitled The Unencumbered Sonatas.

'18/24/46/18' for Computer Keyboard

'18/21/46/18' for Computer Keyboard by Samuel Hertz

The first of the Inner Cartography pieces (composed to accompany Megan Rhyme’s choreography).  Debut at the Chicago Fringe Festival, September 2010.

"The crucial ingredient is Sam Hertz’s original score, three evocative soundscapes that lighten up as the piece progresses, mirroring the dancers’ portrayal of learning at the cellular level." —Zachary Whittenburg, TimeOut Chicago.

Read more: Chicago Fringe Festival review roundup, part three - Unscripted blog - Time Out Chicago

Live Performance 9.22.10 (Pt. 1 of 3)